Words From Chairman


All praise due to Allah S.W.T, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful; and peace and blessing be upon the prophet of Allah S.W.T, Muhammad S.A.W, his family and companions.

Islam is a unique religion with its wise and final message sent by Allah S.W.T to humanity. Its teaching has attached billions of people in the last 1400 years. Muslims gave Islam another type of uniqueness when they establish Islamic arts, one of the most amazing fields of arts in the history of the world. The style of Islamic arts is distinguished by novelty and amazing quality of techniques used in the making of different artistic works.

Realizing the important of Islamic arts and the need to preserve it, the Restu Foundation was established. As an establishment, Restu Foundation also seeks to revive Islamic arts in South East Asia and other part of the world, to educate people about such art and to spread it technique to the entire world.

With the help of Allah S.W.T, the Restu Foundation was able to achieve more than its expectation and was able to create diversified range of products and servicing incropating various elements from Islamic arts.

The Restu Foundation has already produced six fully copied, illuminated and coloured Qur’an and thousands of other products related to the Islamic arts.

The foundation is looking forward to establish cultural as well as educational ties with other countries and Islamic organizations.

We extend our hands to people from around the world to join us and work with us in spreading the message of the beauty which can be found in the different fields of the Islamic arts.

Thank you.

Chairman of Restu Foundation,

Datuk Abdul Latiff Mirasa