Restu Islamic Craft

Restu Islamic Craft

From Mushaf Art (illumination of the Quran as an art form, as part process of making copies of the Quran), Restu Foundation expands into other Islamic Art forms. Namely,

O Natural pigment

O Art of facsimile

O Alkaf Art (Islamic sculpture)

O Sakina Art (related to architecture and buildings’ decorative items)

O Art of Certificate Illumination

O Art of Egg Shell Illumination (almost akin to faberge)

O Art of Holy paper

As can be seen the Garden of Islamic Arts Complex becomes the seat of Islamic Art expansion.

Concepts Development

There is a fundamental difference between Islamic art and others. This difference must be recognised from the beginning as it will be reflected in the final product. This is one for the functions of this department, as it start the ball rolling.

This has resulted in the following example: Al Quran Mushaf Malaysia, Al Quran Mushaf Nur Fatimah, Al Quran Mushaf Mahathir, Al Quran Mushaf Malaysia & Translation, Al Quran Mushaf Kailan, Al Quran Mushaf Masjid Draja Kelang, Al Quran Mushaf Nigeria & Hausa Translation, Al Quran Taba’ah Mahasin Al Huffaz, The Holy Quran Text & Translation and Al Quran Al Karim & Translation – Jawi Edition