Restu International College

Restu College is the first learning institution in Malaysia to offer programmes of study in the field of Islamic arts using the latest technology and software applications.This institution is registered under the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia (MOHE) and is located in the Selangor Islamic Arts Garden Complex in Shah Alam.


Equipped with a conducive and peaceful atmosphere, Restu College dedicates its mission to the development of Islamic arts.

The aspiration to develop the college as an Islamic arts institution emerged after the implementation of the Al-Qur’an Mushaf Malaysia project by Restu Foundation.Through this project, variety of skills and knowledge related to Islamic arts, especially Mushaf art, Islamic calligraphy and illumination was discovered and developed.This knowledge was then compiled and refined to form a specific and unique art disciplines.



Restu Colleges’ philosophy is the spread of knowledge of Islamic Art based on Tauhid and is surrounded by the true teaching of Islam (Syariah Islam). To shape a generation of Islamic artists that are all rounded mentally, physically and spiritually and that they are also able to handle the challenges of the working world and in particular the art world.


Making Restu College a centre for the development of the knowledge of Islamic Art focusing on Visual arts. Making Restu college a centre for enculturation of Islamic art having local and universal cultural identity.


“Your Career Starts Here”

1.1 Name of Study Course : Diploma in Mushaf Arts [KN 9462]

1.2 Level : Diploma

1.3 Medium of instruction : Bahasa Malaysia/ English Language

1.4 Length of Course : 7 semesters / 2 1/2 years

1.5 Intake : January / June / November

1.6 Minimum hours of credit to graduate: 90 hours of credit

1.7 Awarded by : Restu College

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1.8 Entry Qualification


Malaysian Certificate of Education (SPM or SPMV) with 3 credits or other qualifications that is acknowledged to be at par with it by the Senate with the following qualifications:

(a) Pass in the Bahasa Malaysia subject.

(b) Distinction/credit in the Arts subject; OR

(c) Pass in the entrance exam which is conducted by the college in the form of an interview, checking of applicants portfolio and a basic calligraphy test for students who did not take the Arts Subject in SPM.

Nevertheless, priority is given to students who have basic qualifications in calligraphy/drawing/art.

1.9 The objective of offering the Mushaf Art Diploma course.

(a) Producing professional graduates in the field of mushaf art that will practice their knowledge and skills in accordance with the mission and philosophy of the college.

(b) Producing graduates that have mastered the knowledge and skills in the field of mushaf art specifically in calligraphy and the art of illumination.

(c) Producing professional graduates that are capable and skillful in optimizing the use of technology in mushaf art and are able to apply this knowledge in various art media in a wide context.

(d) Contributing to the governments aspirations of preserving the culture and heritage of the country by providing a new generation to take over the field of arts, specifically mushaf, calligraphy and illumination art.

(e) Producing professional graduates that are constantly searching and improving their knowledge to satisfy the current needs of the workforce in the field of arts.

1.10 Result of the course:

(a) Students master knowledge in the field of mushaf art in a complete or holistic manner.

(b) Students will master calligraphy that is correct and systematic based on the correct methodology.

(c) Students will be able to picture, sketch, draw, prepare their visuals, present them and show and appreciation of basic artistic creation and technology.

(d) Students will be able to practice their skills in Islamic art projects and also will be more prepared for their respective careers in the art industry.

(e) Produce graduates that are capable overall, that not only have a concrete foundation in calligraphy and mushaf art but will also have knowledge in other contemporary fields of art.

1.11 The justification of offering the course

It is common knowledge that at this juncture, the places which are offered by the IPTA and IPTS (government and private institutions of higher learning) are still not able to fulfill the needs of SPM, STPM and STAM graduates. This course will thus offer more choices for students seeking to study the chosen arts field. In line with the call to make Malaysia a centre of learning, it is the aspiration of Restu College to provide this course not only to answer that call but to provide an alternative of local education opportunities to avoid the outflow of money from Malaysia. Restu College is confident of being able to deliver this promise based on the experience of Restu Foundation that has been in the industry for over a decade.

1.12 Expected Output

The course offered will be able to produce quality graduates that will be able to fulfill th needs of the service industry that is related to Islamic art. It is expected that the objective will be met from the complete exposure that the balanced curriculum will provide. The mix of mastering the skills and technology, the sharpening of the mind as well as the spiritual enhancement can be seen from the combination of subjects offered. the curriculum is expected to produce graduates that are skillful in the technological field as well as being sensitive towards new ideas, communal aspects and humanity.

1.13 Expected contribution of knowledge to man and country

This course is a contribution by the private sector towards helping create progress in the field of Islamic art in Malaysia, especially since this is the first time ever that the course is being offered in Malaysia. There are no IPTS’s or IPTA’s currently operating in Malaysia that offers any such course. This can be seen as an increase in participation where working side by side with these IPTA’s and IPTS’s will create a stronger momentum which can facilitate the development process of the art industry in general and Islamic art specifically. This is because, not only will there be more quality graduates that will fulfill the needs of the industry, but it will also help to add more expertise in the field, as well as in research and development.

1.0 Introduction

The instillation of good values based on Quranic principles amongst young children and teenagers must be done through a holistic education. Restu Kids looks as this as a challenge and task that has to be instilled at all levels. Seeing that the progress of science and technology moves in sync with globalization, the process of assimilation of universal values has the ability to bring them closer to the natural world around them, through the programs offered.


ICT (Information Technology and Communication):

ICT infrastructure aids comprehensive learning.


The growth of knowledge encompasses all types of skills.


The window of knowledge of Allah S.W.T. that is based on then Quran and Sunnah

2.0 Mission

Knowledge which benefits and that is directed towards happiness on earth as well as the hereafter, should be instilled in children at a very young age. Children need to explore the beauty of Allah’s knowledge especially the beauty of Islamic art and calligraphy from various skills.

To better the teaching and learning methodologies to replace the conventional methods through the use of Information Technology and Communications.

3.0 Objective

Integrating the concept of learning and a comprehensive education through a Thematic Approach that is planned and complete.


Interweaving the knowledge of Islamic Art with Information Technology and Communication with the continuous development of the children.

Shaping the development of children to be active, dynamic, creative and innovative towards the appreciation of knowledge of the Quran as well as Science and Technology

4.0 Restu Kids

Education is the core of the development of a country. The rise and fall of a society depends on how deeply rooted the Taqwa-based knowledge is in a society. Realizing that children have a love for the Quran and manifesting Islamic Art, this wing in Restu Kids is expanded to realize these hopes and dreams.

The idea of Raudhah Tunas was sparked by the Board of Trustees of Restu Foundation, to educate this group of children to become more able in the field of Islamic Integrated ICT.

5.0 Learning Program

5.1 Restu Preschool

Curriculum and syllabus designed specifically to comply with the new National Pre-school Curriculum with added emphasis on creativity and hands-on activities suitable for the young children (ages 5 to 6).

Pre-school curriculum consists of the following subjects:

Malay language, English language, Arabic language, early science, mathematics, basic jawi, Islamic studies, ICT, and art & crafts.

5.2 Fardhu Ain Intensive Classes

This intensive class is offered as an Islamic Education package for primary school children. The curriculum used follows closely the curriculum set by the Selangor Islamic Department.



5.3 Jawi and the foundation of Callygraphy Intensive Classes


This intensive class which combines the basic Jawi and Nasakh Calligraphy writing offers a short-term course which lasts 6 months. This module was created to help students read Jawi at the basic level at the same time to learn the technique of writing using the “Nunwal Qalam” method.

5.4 Calligraphy classes

This class teaches Thuluth, Riqaah and Diwani calligraphy and focuses on the method of writing single letters, combined letters, and arranging the words such as to optimize the use of ink at the same time bringing out the students creativity. This short-term course has a duration of around 6 months.

5.5 Picture Gallery

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Student Alumni Affairs


The Student & Alumni Affairs is one of the most important departments in Restu Foundation. It was specially set up to give services to students’ welfare. A variety of approaches have been taken and several changes in the administration and management systems have been carried out to give the best and most competent services to all students. It is partly the work of US to help produce a student’s graduates who are well-educated and well-mannered.


O To help Restu Foundation students in matters of welfare, comfort, and security and to coordinate financial assistance and scholarships given to them.

O To create special funds, such as the Student Welfare Fund, Student Emergency Fund and Student Curriculum Fund.

O To provide accommodation to the students who live in colleges.

O To coordinate student activities and movements within the college and with other educational institutions and external associations, so as to ensure that students fulfill both spiritual and worldly needs and are exposed to the reality of the working environment.