Programs Offered

The programs offered along these areas meet the high standards set by the local qualities agencies, Malaysian Qualification Agencies (MQA) formally known as LAN (Lembaga Akreditasi Negara) These programs are meticulously crafted to enhance the graduate’s worth. Restu Foundation aspires to provide education that will enhance employability of its graduates and at the same time enrich the students learning experience with ethical and moral values.

(1) Preschools

(a) Restu Preschool

Curriculum and syllabus designed specifically to comply with the new National Preschool Curriculum with added emphasis on creativity and hands-on activities suitable for the young children (ages 5 to 6).

(b) Jawi and the foundation of Callygraphy Intensive Classes

This intensive class which combines the basic Jawi and Nasakh Calligraphy writing offers a short-term course which lasts 6 months. This module was created to help students read Jawi at the basic level at the same time to learn the technique of writing using the “Nunwal Qalam” method.

(c) Calligraphy classes

This class teaches Thuluth, Riqaah and Diwani calligraphy and focuses on the method of writing single letters, combined letters, and arranging the words such as to optimize the use of ink at the same time bringing out the students creativity. This short-term course has duration of around 6 months.

(2) Diploma Level

(a) Mushaf Art Diploma [KN 9462]

This course is a contribution by the private sector towards helping create progress in the field of Islamic art in Malaysia, especially since this is the first time ever that the course is being offered in Malaysia. There are no IPTS’s or IPTA’s currently operating in Malaysia that offers any such course. This can be seen as an increase in participation where working side by side with these IPTA’s and IPTS’s will create a stronger momentum which can facilitate the development process of the art industry in general and Islamic art specifically. This is because, not only will there be more quality graduates that will fulfill the needs of the industry, but it will also help to add more expertise in the field, as well as in research and development.