Coloring Department


Three major functions have been incorporated into one department they are:

O Coloring

O Natural pigments

O Gold leaf

The coloring function of this department goes through a few critical steps of determining personality of the final piece. Hence plenty of testing in determining of colors and how different colors affect the personality of the final piece especially of the Mushaf Al Quran. Each original page is worked on by at least two artists and it takes at least a week to accomplish depending on size of the manuscript.

Apart from using acrylic colors there is a section that uses natural pigments. Sometimes they are referred to as ‘natural colors’ which in Malay is ‘Warna asli’ because there is a naturalness about how they look. In addition to these, pigments are also produced from herbs and spices that add variety to the personality of colors and the final art piece.

As stated earlier, gold application is also apart of the function of this department. A special formula is used to apply the gold on to the art pieces whether on paper or canvass. The kind of gold that is used is gold leaf.

This department also contribute to the production of products that are hand made and uses Mushaf art for enhancement.

The department has carried out many colouring projects, below are some of them:


Mushaf Projects:

The work includes colouring the cover page, special columns, other pages, al-Fatihah page, middle part and the end of the Mushaf. Some of the latest Mushaf arts that have been coloured or currently being coloured are:


(a) Qur’an Mushaf Malaysia & Translation Malay – Reprint

(b) Qur’an Mushaf Kazakstan & Translation Russia

(c) Qur’an Perkata

(d) Juz Amma Perkata

(e) Qur’an Tajwid

(f) Qur’an Waka

(g) Qur’an Cambodia

(h) Qur’an BaiturRahman

(i) Jus Amma BaiturRahman

Yasin, Ma’thurat & Selected Surahs Projects:

The work involves colouring the cover page, special columns, and other pages. After the client decide on the colour, the work starts using Acrylic paint on the particular design have been choose. This products are normally reserve by vvip, vip, corporate company, government, individual, and etc.